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aVast Design offers a unique perspective on the design and development process and objectives for any brand that needs design services. We understand brand language and DNA and can offer services that not only help you understand your current brand design better, but can expand, grow and project your future brand language with confidence. 

Notable – Our team has designed and developed hundreds of boats in their careers. We intimately know the marine market and production needs - we also know that great boats sell and design is a key attribute to your companies success. So although we hold multiple patents and innovations within the market, we know that memories are short and its all about -"The next best thing!" 

The aVast Design Difference– aVast Design focuses on design, development and packaging services (pre-engineering) for marine boat businesses and part providers. This includes multiple aspects of development from theme and brand design to design language and full concept design and packaging. Our price and service menu ranges from concepts and themes to a fully realized 3D model that has gone through the pre-engineering phase.

aVast privacy policies – We are very conscious of your brand traits and need for brand secrets. Our team of professional designers, engineers and feasibility techs are experts at developing what makes you great while keeping your best kept practices your own. 

aVast Design Executives – As the design development manager at Sea Ray boats for 19 years I have a wide range of product experience. I have partnered with multiple other Sea Ray and marine alumn in order to service the needs of brands that don’t have access to experienced design teams. We have the knowledge and experience to help your brand be better defined in the marine industry. Stand for something!......Let aVast Design help you show your customer base the product attributes that will showcase who you are and how you stand-out!

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